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The Three Graces


I love cooking up a healthy storm in the kitchen and a big part of my lifestyle involves spending time experimenting with new recipes. However, recently life has got in the way a little bit and my cooking time has been seriously affected. It’s at these super busy times that it can become all too easy and tempting to reach for the convenience of packaged foods, especially when you add pregnancy cravings into the mix! The problem is most store-bought, packaged foods are high in sugar and/or salt, along with a host of chemical additives that will seriously derail your health and fitness goals.

Now this is where it gets a little London-centric (apologies to my non-London readers!) but the wonderful people at Grace Belgravia have come up with the answer to my prayers. The wonderful Chefs at this women’s-only private members club have designed a new menu that isn’t solely limited to members, instead food can be bought as take-out, delivered to your door or their Chefs will come to your home to prepare an entire meal full of healthy, delicious goodness. The delivery options are based around specific packages, including Fitness and a Vegan option, to allow you to stay on track with your own personal goals.

Having enjoyed the amazing food at Grace, I’m super excited to sample the new menus in the comfort of my own home and I’m even more excited to have got Kate Percival, the inspirational founder of Grace to answer my questions …

Coping with morning sickness

morning sickness

Like most women when they find out they’re pregnant I was determined to eat as healthily as possible for the duration of my pregnancy, to make sure my baby has the best start in life. However, like a lot of women I suffered from the dreaded morning sickness, something that definitely didn’t encourage healthy eating!

Morning sickness can take a variety of forms, and unlike its name suggests does not strike only in the morning! I didn’t actually throw up but instead felt a delightful combination of hungover and seasick until about week 17.

However, you suffer from morning sickness it can massively affect all your good intentions to eat well during pregnancy. I found that cooked green vegetables, formerly a health giving staple of my diet, made me feel horrific and I definitely leaned more towards plainer, carbohydrate based foods. For someone who not only loves her food but also tries to eat a balanced, super nutritious diet being repulsed by foods I used to love was not only a shock but also made meal times a challenge.

So how do you cope if morning sickness leaves you unable to eat at all or craving toast, biscuits and crackers but your desire to be healthy is undiminished? Well, whilst everyone’s experience of morning sickness is different here are some tips that really worked for me and helped me to get through those, quite frankly, highly unpleasant first few weeks.

1. REST!! I definitely found that if I was tired …