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Vita Wellbeing Top 10 Pregnancy Tips

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had some amazing pregnancy fitness advice from the lovely and super knowledgable ladies at Vita during my pregnancy and so I couldn’t be more excited that they’ve agreed to share their expertise with Model Eats readers!


Its official and you have broken the news, you are having a baby! Your life has already changed forever and for many women it’s the most exciting time of their lives but its also normal to experience feelings of uncertainty when it comes to your body. Once the initial excitement wears off its easy to feel as though everything is happening ‘to you’ and you may feel a sense that you no longer have control, when these physical changes begin. There will be many fascinating but mind bogging changes you will experience both physically and mentally over the coming months so its important to stay on top of your health and empower yourself with as much physical strength and emotional balance as you are able to do so.

You will soon be bombarded with advice from nearly every mum you know but its important to seek the correct guidance when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Long gone are the days when women would take to bed rest and eat nothing but biscuits for 9 months, 21st century ladies are working long hours and want to retain an element of ‘them’ during their pregnant weeks and months.

So before you ditch your trainers and whip out the …

The Three Graces


I love cooking up a healthy storm in the kitchen and a big part of my lifestyle involves spending time experimenting with new recipes. However, recently life has got in the way a little bit and my cooking time has been seriously affected. It’s at these super busy times that it can become all too easy and tempting to reach for the convenience of packaged foods, especially when you add pregnancy cravings into the mix! The problem is most store-bought, packaged foods are high in sugar and/or salt, along with a host of chemical additives that will seriously derail your health and fitness goals.

Now this is where it gets a little London-centric (apologies to my non-London readers!) but the wonderful people at Grace Belgravia have come up with the answer to my prayers. The wonderful Chefs at this women’s-only private members club have designed a new menu that isn’t solely limited to members, instead food can be bought as take-out, delivered to your door or their Chefs will come to your home to prepare an entire meal full of healthy, delicious goodness. The delivery options are based around specific packages, including Fitness and a Vegan option, to allow you to stay on track with your own personal goals.

Having enjoyed the amazing food at Grace, I’m super excited to sample the new menus in the comfort of my own home and I’m even more excited to have got Kate Percival, the inspirational founder of Grace to answer my questions …